Unwind & Reset

Stress has been unprecedented this year, but it is time to take a step back and nourish yourself. Unwind and reset with three sessions to learn the simplified neuroscience of stress, and how it is affecting you personally. Enjoy a craniosacral session to calm the nervous system and reset your rhythm. Finally make a plan to manage stress that is tangible and realistic to your daily life. 2020 has been a year of overwhelm, challenges, change and transformation. One major lesson has been that health is wealth. Stress is one of the greatest driver’s of illness. Take control of your health by understanding stress’s role and create a plan that works for you. Take a break and replenish as the holiday season begins. You are worth it!

For anyone who signs up in 2020 you will receive a gift from Elemental Wellness to help you unwind and reset. Gifts will be unique to you from a local business to support the community and you. This is a limited time offer at 50% off normal rates.

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Is Your Brain On Fire?

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