We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

Maya Angelou

  • Focus on the root cause, and move deeper than the surface approach.
  • Listen and discover what your symptoms are telling you.
  • Effective whole brain and body support to help you feel happy & vital and find clarity and ease daily.
  • I want to hear your story, and guide you to feeling clarity, vitality and happiness

About Dr. Prill

Combining natural medicine and clinical neuroscience, I create personalized plans to address headache pain, lack of focus, poor concentration, brain fog and postconcussion syndrome by uncovering the root cause and untangling the web of symptoms to help people feel whole and connected.

Dr. Prill

My passions are the brain, connection and designing realistic plans. My personal experience of health taught me the importance of balance, and that small consistent changes with the right information and support lead to positive change, growth and profound well being. I hope to empower you to take on new challenges to thrive while eliminating symptoms that prevent  you from living life to the fullest. I believe in the butterfly effect, and hope to help you find clarity, energy and happiness to go out and make a positive impact in the world.

I enjoy creating personalized plans that work within the reality of your life. My hope is to educate you to understanding WHY, and motivate and empower you on your health journey and beyond.

Outside of work I find happiness and balance in life with my family and friends through hiking, music, play, and creative projects. My free time is usually spent exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I enjoy being active in my community and cultivating new relationships. am actively trying to shift the medical paradigm to acknowledge food as medicine, diversity of the ecosystem is vital to well being, and quality healthcare is something everyone deserves.

Doctorate  in Natural Medicine :: NUNM 2011

Post-Doctorate in Functional Neurology :: ACNB 2018

natural medicine nutrition clinical neuroscience

Natural Medicine:

Natural Medicine is more than a different way to approach health. It is a journey of who you are, where you’ve been and most importantly, where you want to go, and who you want to be.  It’s not about naming disease and looking for what’s wrong. It’s about maintaining what’s right, and upgrading new ways of being. It is about allowing the innate ability of the body to heal, and learning how to integrate nutrition, nature and behavior to grow, connect and be happy.


Develop a food plan that fits into your daily life. From eating habits to genetics, food plays an important role in the brain and body. Minor nutrient deficiencies can create major dysfunction. Learn how to discover food allergies and sensitivities that may be causing pain and inflammation. Rule out leaky gut and find out if your gut micro-biome is imbalanced. Nutrition plays a vital role in gut and brain health and can help prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and neuro-autoimmunity. Recognize gut symptoms early and how they correlate with mental health and chronic disease. Nutrition is not only learning what to eat, but how to eat providing nourishment, energy and clarity.

Clinical Neuroscience:

Clinical Neuroscience or functional neurology addresses the brain and nervous system and how they integrate with the body. Discover how the brain affects all areas of health. Moods, cognition, balance and sleep are dependent on a healthy, connected brain. Your brain is designed to adapt, respond and interpret the surrounding environment. Uncover where dysfunction in the brain is occurring, and how it is related to your symptoms. Functional neurology utilizes natural pathways to improve function, increase adaptability and stability to decrease neurodegenerative changes, relieve pain, slow down aging and minimize injury. Learn more here.

infographic of connected brain health

Balance and integrate all areas of your life.

An integrative brain-based approach to balance mental, emotional and physical health combining natural medicine, clinical neuroscience and nutrition for well rounded guidance.

It’s all connected, and learning to balance and integrate all areas of your health provides understanding of the brain and body, and how every day activities directly affect the entire system.  Integrative health connects the dots between physical, mental and emotional health to allow for abundance, clarity, energy and healing.

Wellness, Prevention, and Conditions Treated

Postconcussive SyndromeBrain FogHealthy Aging & Dementia PreventionDizziness & Vertigo
ADHD/ADDMigraine HeadachesDigestive ProblemsSleep Issues & Insomnia
Balance ProblemsConcussionsMood ImbalancesHormone Imbalance
Allergies & Food SensitivitiesChronic FatigueAutoimmune ConditionsMild Traumatic Brain Injury

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Insurance & Reimbursement

HSA/FSA: You can use HSA or FSA account to pay for your program fees, tests, and supplements.
Insurance Reimbursement: You can use out-of-network insurance benefits to get reimbursed for your program fees.
In-Network Insurance: Dr. Prill is not in network with any insurance.
Motor Vehicle Insurance is accepted.


YES! I am ready to commit and make healthy living my priority.
  • I commit to doing the work to feel my best including diet and nutrition changes, lifestyle and behavior changes and shifting my mindset.
  • I understand that the road to recovery takes time.
  • I know my health issues are preventing me from living my full potential.
  • I commit to investing in my health and wellness.I believe I can get better.
  • I am ready for guidance and partnership.
  • I understand this is not right for me if I am only interested in quick fixes and medications.
  • I understand this is not right for me if I am not interested in doing the work and committing to the complete process and treatment offered.
  • Yes! I am committed and ready to start and simplify my health. Please book an appointment for a New Patient visit here.
  • Try the 30 Day Brain Refresh online course here.
  • Not sure: book a free consultation with Dr. Prill.
  • Dr. Prill does not accept insurance or Medicare for services rendered,
  • We will provide you with proper documentation that you can submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network benefit reimbursement. Sometimes this will cover a portion of the visits.
  • Motor Vehicle & Bike Accident insurance is accepted.
  • HSA & FSA accounts are accepted. Please check with Human Resources or insurance provider to learn more.
  • All visits have the option to be via telemedicine. You must be in Oregon at the time of the telemedicine visit.
  • All visits are hosted within the patient portal via a secure HIPAA compliant videoconference.
  • SIMPLIFY: $499
  • 60 Minute Consultation: $250
  • 45 Minute Consultation: $175
  • 30 Minute Consultation: $125
  • Brain Refresh: click here
  • Restore: Neurological Rehabilitation Intensive: click here
  • Migraine Relief Program: click here
  • In order to create change in the brain, repetitive stimulation is required. An intensive protocol allows Dr. Prill to administer treatment therapies many times in one day to create lasting change to the brain.
  • If an intensive is recommended Dr. Prill will review the schedule and what to expect. See Restore for more information.
Here at Elemental Wellness, we offer natural medicine and functional neurology. While Dr. Prill may offer many services that are similar to those provided by a primary care physician, they do not fulfill an insurance company’s requirement, as Dr. Prill does not participate with any insurance carriers. It is highly recommended that you have a primary care physician as medical and mental health emergencies are not handled at Elemental Wellness.
  • Basic lab tests ordered by Elemental Wellness will be billed directly to your insurance by the lab depending upon coverage and your plan. Bloodwork will be drawn at your insurance provider’s preferred local laboratory.
  • Special tests we offer as part of natural medicine and functional neurology may not be covered by insurance and in these cases you will be charged a fee for the particular test via the lab company. These tests are often done within the comfort of your own home with a kit and clear instructions.
  • Every effort will be made to make you fully aware of any additional lab fees that may be incurred. You will always have the option to choose which lab tests you would like, and are not obligated to purchase any specialty testing. Payment is made directly to the lab to ensure the access to the lowest price possible.
  • PPO Insurance plans, HSA, and FSA benefits may be used to cover lab costs depending on your contract.
  • Supplements are not included with the visit fees.
  • Dr. Prill will make recommendations and offer options for purchasing supplements.
Not exactly. You must be in the state of Oregon for any telehealth visits. If you have seen Dr. Prill in person, you may continue telehealth care for up to one year before an annual in person visit is required.