Welcome to Elemental Wellness, a healing space providing natural medicine, clinical neuroscience and nutrition. Understand WHY your symptoms are happening and WHAT they are telling you. Dr. Prill will listen to your story, and help you integrate health and wellness into your daily life. You have the innate ability to heal, and personalized treatment will aid in restoring function and balance  Root cause medicine is a philosophy based in the interconnectedness of you and untangles the web of symptoms through mental, physical and emotional health.

Simplify and restore brain health to get the most out of life with joy, freedom and ease.

Connect the dots, see the big picture, be heard and receive a personalized plan to feel empowered and hopeful.

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  • Mental clarity
  • Relief from headache pain
  • Boost energy
  • Improve memory & focus
  • Balance mood
  • Feel motivated and empowered
  • Learn what your brain is telling you
  • Sleep soundly
  • Enjoy peak performance
  • Feel like yourself again
  • Healthy digestion

Start with aSimplify Session:

How It Works

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1. Dr. Prill will perform a comprehensive review your health history, any recent lab results, past history and previous health records. This will begin the investigation as to why symptoms are present or continuing, discover what systems are involved and address what therapies and treatments have or have not worked in the past.

2. Meet with Dr. Prill to tell your unique story, answer any questions or concerns, and create health and healing goals for treatment. For in person visits, a comprehensive examination includes an advanced neurological examination to determine the stability and function of the brain. Learn more about how functional neurology assesses brain health here.

3. A second visit with Dr. Prill to provide a personalized plan based on your story, and findings from the intake and examination. Learn how systems and symptoms are connected. Treatment ideas to start immediately as well as what the restorative road ahead involves is discussed. Treatment ideas may include diet, lifestyle and nutrition guidance, supplementation, and brain rehabilitation.

What’s Included:

  • Recommendations for immediate relief
  • Nutrition and supplement support
  • Custom Dietary and Lifestyle plan
  • Neurological rehabilitation plan
  • Education on brain health
  • Learn HOW it’s all connected
  • Learn WHY symptoms are occurring
  • Learn WHAT the next steps are to gain clarity and vitality.

Optimal health allows us to create, inspire and be successful. Discover how natural medicine, clinical neuroscience, functional lab testing along with nutrition and lifestyle medicine can fast track healing to get back to what really matters in life!


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Natural Medicine

Modern Integrative Healthcare

Natural medicine focuses on the body’s innate ability to heal and align. When there is imbalance treatment therapies may include botanical medicine, nutrition and movement to support and strengthen well being.

Dr. Prill provides a comprehensive approach to assess imbalances in the brain and body utilizing functional assessments, physical examinations and advanced diagnostic testing. Discover the root cause of dysfunction, and rebuild vitality and wellness.


Individualized Nutrition Designed To Support Your Unique Biochemistry

Develop a food plan that fits into your daily life. Learn how to discover food allergies and sensitivities that may be causing pain and inflammation. Rule out leaky gut and find out if your gut micro-biome is imbalanced. Nutrition plays a vital role in digestive health and prevention of conditions like colitis and IBS. Recognize gut symptoms early and how they correlate with autoimmune and chronic disease. Nutrition is not only learning what to eat, but how to eat providing nourishment, energy and clarity.

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Functional Neurology

Neuroplasticity For Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

Functional neurology is a specialty of clinical neuroscience that addresses the brain and nervous system and how they integrate with the body. Moods, cognition, balance, and sleep are all controlled by the nervous system. The brain is designed to adapt, respond and interpret the surrounding environment. If the brain and body are not communicating efficiently then neurological symptoms may occur including headaches, dizziness and changes in cognition and mood. Learn more about how functional neurology improves brain health here.

Auto & Bike Accidents

Recover And Heal Your Brain After An Accident

Treatment soon after an injury or accident improves recovery and addresses symptoms like stiffness, pain, inflammation, poor sleep and mood changes. Brain health is greatly affected by inflammation after an accident. Reduction in inflammation quickly reduces damage and neurological issues that may appear years later.

Craniosacral Therapy

Rejuvenate Your Nervous System

Relieve tension in the brain and spinal cord while restoring function to deep fascial patterns with this gentle hands on therapy. Craniosacral manipulation provides relief for emotional and physical trauma, old injuries and stress. It works by releasing restriction through subtle movement of the cranial bones and spinal fluid.

Craniosacral therapy is a relaxing and effective therapy for headaches, ADD/ADHD, post concussion syndrome, mood imbalances and stress relief. Add on to an office visit or book individually. Find out if craniosacral therapy is what your nervous system needs.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Pain Relief And Quick Recovery

Low level laser therapy or ‘cold laser’ is a treatment that uses low or cold light to increase cellular energy in the body.  Cold Laser Therapy is a painless and non-invasive therapy used to address pain and inflammation.  During the therapy the body absorbs cold light that stimulates blood flow, increases circulation, and enhances lymphatic flow. This results in the detoxification of cellular waste and increased energy production, stimulating cellular repair and healing in bone and soft tissue. Cold Laser Therapy also increases endorphins reducing pain. Treatments can range from just one or two visits to multiple visits over several weeks. The frequency of visits depends on the severity of the condition and the body’s response to treatment. Benefits are usually seen immediately or within a few hours of the treatment. For some more severe cases the benefits occur more slowly.

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Balance and integrate all areas of your life.

An integrative brain based approach to balance mental, emotional and physical health combining natural medicine, clinical neuroscience and nutrition for well rounded guidance.

It’s all connected, and learning to balance and integrate all areas of your health provides understanding of the brain and body, and how every day activities directly affect the entire system.  Integrative health connects the dots between physical, mental and emotional health to allow for abundance, clarity, energy and healing.

Schedule a Simplify Session

1. Request appointment. 

2. Fill out all questionnaires online in the patient portal THREE business days before your appointment to allow Dr. Prill time to do a case review. 

3. Office visits are located in Silverton, Oregon. Telehealth visits are possible within the state of Oregon, but the examination is not as comprehensive as in-person visits.

Kind Words

“Not only did my dizziness completely go away, I understood why I was dizzy and Dr. Prill provided me with tools to use in the future.”

Katie S.

“I felt heard, and now understand how diet, lifestyle and mental health play a role in my brain health after having a concussion.”

Janet R.

“Dr. Prill not only aided me in reducing anxiety, but helped change my perspective on health and medicine. I love the easy going and realistic approach to lifestyle change.”

Virginia F.

“Dr. Kelly Prill, ND is fantastic, and specializes in postconcussion! Since seeing her, she’s made a monumental difference in clarifying which dietary habits are ideal for concussion recovery, she tested my blood for any core mineral deficiencies and highlighted which therapeutic supplements I needed, and she tested my hormones to double check that I have the right balance to thrive. She also does cold laser therapy (painless), and gentle craniosacral work. She’s firm about what you need to do and has really simple, easy to understand explanations of how things work, has strong follow up, and is quite nurturing. I highly recommend her if you’ve had a head injury!”

Keirstin L.

“What a great naturopathic doctor, kind, careful, and thorough! I felt like I had the best treatment…Thank you!”

Naomi H.

“Dr. Prill has been able to uncover several health issues that medical doctors were not able to find. Now we are working on finding treatments for healing. She is thorough and explains everything well.”

Tonya C.