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1. Request a new patient appointment in the calendar below.

2. Once the appointment is approved, fill out all questionnaires online in the patient portal THREE business days before your appointment to allow Dr. Prill time to do a case review. 

3. Office visits are located in Silverton, Oregon. Telehealth visits are possible within the state of Oregon, but note the examination is not as comprehensive as in-person visits.

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Elemental Wellness Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is linked to Dr. Prill’s electronic health records. The portal allows patients to upload intake questionnaires, share lab work, health records, treatment plans and handouts. It is a HIPAA compliant communication for secure transmission of your heath information.

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Enjoy ease and access to professional-grade supplements delivered directly to your door to boost health and healing. Dr. Prill will advise which store is best suited for your personalized plan.