30 Day Brain Refresh

A simple guide to heal your brain.

Neurological symptoms are often silent conditions, meaning you seem fine on the outside, but on the inside it feels terrible leading to dysfunction in work, relationships and day to day activities.

You deserve to be heard and acknowledged!

Conventional medicine rarely considers brain fog, anxiety and fatigue as issues. Neurological conditions and symptoms are often treated with the watch and wait approach or medications. Sadly, many of these medications are a band-aid to the root cause. If you feel frustrated and have unanswered questions or feel helpless to discover the foundations of brain health, how the brain works and begin making small changes daily to take back your brain health and wellness.

The medical paradigm is shifting! Be a part of the change. Make sustainable nutrition and lifestyle choices to support ALL of you. Discover what it means to be whole and vital.

Goals of the 30 Day Brain Refresh

  • Understand the foundations of brain health
  • Know the three ingredients for optimal brain function
  • Discover how specific daily habits affect brain health
  • Reduce pain, inflammation, brain fog and stress
  • Know your symptoms are real, and feel heard
  • Learn how it is all connected, and begin to create a restorative web of wellness
  • Reset and refresh your brain health to live life fully
30 Day Brain Refresh graphic

Kind Words

“Not only did my dizziness completely go away, I understood why I was dizzy and Dr. Prill provided me with tools to use in the future.”

Katie S.

“I felt heard, and now understand how diet, lifestyle and mental health play a role in my brain health after having a concussion.”

Janet R.

“Dr. Prill not only aided me in reducing anxiety, but helped change my perspective on health and medicine. I love the easy going and realistic approach to lifestyle change.”

Virginia F.

“Dr. Kelly Prill, ND is fantastic, and specializes in postconcussion! Since seeing her, she’s made a monumental difference in clarifying which dietary habits are ideal for concussion recovery, she tested my blood for any core mineral deficiencies and highlighted which therapeutic supplements I needed, and she tested my hormones to double check that I have the right balance to thrive. She also does cold laser therapy (painless), and gentle craniosacral work. She’s firm about what you need to do and has really simple, easy to understand explanations of how things work, has strong follow up, and is quite nurturing. I highly recommend her if you’ve had a head injury!”

Keirstin L.

“What a great naturopathic doctor, kind, careful, and thorough! I felt like I had the best treatment…Thank you!”

Naomi H.

“Dr. Prill has been able to uncover several health issues that medical doctors were not able to find. Now we are working on finding treatments for healing. She is thorough and explains everything well.”

Tonya C.