Dr. Kelly Prill

Natural Medicine, Clinical Neuroscience & Nutrition

About Dr. Prill

Naturopathic Physician
& Functional Neurologist

Dr. Prill is a naturopathic physician and board certified functional neurologist and an expert in brain health and how it connects to the rest of the body.

Dr. Prill’s mission is to provide integrative, root cause medicine empower dynamic changes o connect people to their innate ability to heal, and shift the medical paradigm.

You don’t have to struggle through fatigue that holds you back, frustrating sleepless nights, uncomfortable mood swings, daily aches and pains, or the worry that your mental clarity and brain health are not what they used to be.

Speaking Topics
  • The 3 Ingredients For Brain Health
  • Brain:Gut:Brain — How What You Think & Feel Effect Each Other
  • Brain Inflammation: Get Your Brain Out Of The Fog
  • Balance: A New Way Of Approaching Stress