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3 Steps To Clarity

A 3 step program to bring clarity to WHY symptoms may be occurring, and WHAT the root cause is. Discover how dysfunction in eye movements, balance and sensations create neurological symptoms including headaches, dizziness and poor recovery in head injury. After thorough review of the information gathered Dr. Prill will teach you the foundations to brain health along with strategies on how to treat any dysfunction. Simplify symptoms and begin to unwind health patterns. Learn how it’s all connected. Using nutrition, natural medicine and functional neurology a care plan is created unique to your brain, symptoms and health goals. Learn more by making an introductory consultation today!

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It’s All Connected

Learn how the brain affects all systems in the body. Hormones, immune function and gut integrity are all influenced by the brain, and vice versa. The brain needs proper fuel and nutrition to function well. What you to eat, how you eat and when you eat matters. Gut inflammation robs the body of vital nutrition, and creates an imbalance of neurotransmitters leading to symptoms of anxiety, lack of motivation, and trouble with concentration and focus. Dr. Prill will provide nutrition and lifestyle recommendations along with supplements and botanical medicine. An in depth treatment plan is designed to integrate all systems, and navigate the brain and body towards balance and vitality.

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Heal The Brain

Regain ease and function in daily life with a neurological rehabilitation program addressing your specific needs. Functional neurology looks at the health, communication and functionality of the nervous system. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the nervous system to be shaped or modified by sensory, motor, cognitive or emotional experiences. Using a variety of strategies and techniques Dr. Prill will restore balance by activating specific parts of the brain with eye movements, balance and somatosensory exercises. Therapy is continuously monitored to assess the health of the nervous system, and its ability to strengthen and grow.